Glossary of terms

Here is a quick reference guide on ideas and terms
that are at the heart of identity-based management.

Grand efficiency, integrity, endurance

The human organization


Identity-based management

Structure and content of values

The transformation paradox


Value circle

Grand efficiency, integrity, and endurance - the three features of a life lived according to identity (an organization's or a person's). Grand efficiency—the state of being for a company where all the "pieces" are operating in sync; a state of optimal integration. Integrity—the state of wholeness, or completeness that allows for business diversity while reinforcing the economic and social value of the institution. Endurance—the ability of the company to survive and grow, uninterrupted, from generation to generation.

The human organization - a concept that calls for reorganizing the enterprise into three interdependent systems that mirror how human beings function: the physical system (containing, for instance, finance, manufacturing and operations, distribution, recruitment, hiring and firing); the cognitive system (including, for instance, competitive, economic and market analysis, R&D, training and knowledge management); the emotive system (including, for example, communications, customer service, employee recognition and all aspects of performance management).

Identity - the unique characteristics of an organization or individual, which are the integrated result of its particular mental, physical and emotional capacities.

Identity-based management - a comprehensive, human-centric system for leading organizations in an effort to maximize long-term value creation and wealth.

Structure and content of values - a way of deconstructing and presenting the critical dimensions, implied beliefs and concrete behaviors that are contained in a company's cultural values (e.g., customer focus, world quality, teamwork); the anatomy of culture.

The transformation paradox - the need to make the "hard stuff" (business strategy, economics) soft, and the "soft stuff" (values and beliefs) hard if meaningful, permanent change is going to take place within an organization.

Value - the proprietary, or distinctive, contribution your company is capable of making in the marketplace—that is, to customers, to others and to society generally.

Value circle - a comprehensive framework for building and managing a company's relationships based on the economic interdependence of stakeholders. The value circle illustrates how companies have a system, rather than a portfolio, of stakeholders.
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