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Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Harvard Business School,
author of World Class and Rosabeth Moss Kanter on the Frontiers of Management
  "Identity Is Destiny is not your garden variety how-to-be-a-leader book. It is a deep, insightful, uplifting account of leadership as a way of living. Ackerman's natural laws ring true as universal ways that people find identity and mastery by understanding their inner selves, connecting to others, and creating meaningful work that helps organizations and societies prosper. Identity Is Destiny is both personally inspiring and business savvy a winning combination."

Gary Jensen
Senior Vice President,
Marketing, The Earthgrains Co.

"The Laws are excellent; they are stout and hold together. When you go back and read them again, you get a different, deeper perspective. Identity Is Destiny is masterful, balanced and very credible."

Eileen Kraus
Chairman, Fleet Bank, Connecticut

"Identity Is Destiny really hums. It's fresh, new and risky...The timelessness of the ideas comes through in Ackerman's 'Laws of Identity.' The book is absolutely phenomenal."

Donald E. Gibson
Yale School of Management

"...A grand undertaking. Ackerman's cutting-edge contribution is recognizing the linkages between individual and organizational identity, and providing specific roadmaps for leaders, managers and individuals to follow in comprehending their own organizations as living, moving beings. This is not simply a book for leaders and management consultants. It represents a significant resource for anyone, inside and outside organizations, who wishes to understand how realizing their own unique gifts and abilities can help them reach their full potential."

Vernon Loucks, Jr.
Chairman, Baxter International

"Identity is Destiny is an insightful book that will help interested readers become exceptional leaders. In walking the reader through the 'Laws of Identity,' Ackerman allows one to experience truths that will enable managers to exploit their companies' inherent profitpotential and create value and wealth if applied to all aspects of day-to-day business. Understanding the simple truths imparted in the pages of this fascinating book wil help anyone, at any level, in any business, become a wiser, more effective leader."

Mark Mendenhall
Professor of Business,
University of Tennessee

"This book reveals new truths that managers have not been exposed to before. The principles that underlie, and that are contained within, Ackerman's 'Laws of Identity' are not simply interesting; they are 'new knowledge' in the field. This book is extremely valuable and will always have a place of tremendous influence in my own thinking, teaching, and research in the area of leadership and organizational processes."

David Lebow
Chief Operating Officer,
Office of Product and Strategy,
AMFM, Inc.

"Many books are written each year espousing principles without authenticity. Ackerman's personal connection to the concept of identity creates an authenticity that makes the book far more credible than most "how-to" business books. Identity Is Destiny is a must-read for any executive looking to unlock the true value and potential of their company."